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Naimor Inc. is an industry-leading metal fabrication service in Portland Oregon with a qualified team and the latest roster of fabrication equipment.

Our team takes pride in our impeccable reputation and work and thrive on the creativity of Portland industries.

Areas of Service:

Naimor’s Portland Fabrication Shop

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Naimor Inc. is that we have the ability to complete every step of the metal fabrication process at our Portland shop. This means that you won’t have to look to other fabrication companies to complete different steps of the fabrication process, we can get it all done at our Portland location so you don’t need to worry about having to find another reliable fabrication service.

We Provide Services For All Your Metal Fabrication Needs

Our metal fabrication services include:

Laser Cutting

Our Portland location has high precision Cincinnati lasers, meaning that you will get quality cuts with the finest accuracy.

CNC Machining 

If you need complex or customized parts in bulk, we’ve got you covered. With our high-quality CNC machining, we are able to meet tight deadlines and produce bulk orders through our automated CNC fabrication.

Precision Forming

Our team members are experts at precision forming. Whether you need a simple 90-degree bend or a series of complex bends, we have the skill and tools to complete and perfect your project. We have a division of our team dedicated to precision forming and they are able to complete every task thrown their way.

Router Cutting

With our CNC router cutting equipment, we are able to precisely cut a host of materials (ranging from acrylic, plastic, copper, aluminum, and brass). And the best part? With our ideal set up, we are able to complete orders efficiently and speedily.

Welding Services 

Naimor’s team of industry-leading welders has been one of the highest-rated in the Northwest.  Our team is WABO certified and ready to complete your project with care and precision and present it to you in its final form. 

Turret Punching 

One of the most useful and efficient methods of metal forming, turret punching helps achieve different shapes and sizes in sheet metal.

Fabrication Assembly 

With our efficient fabrication assembly set up, we can process orders quickly and produce completed projects for Portland companies in an ideal timeframe. All projects that are assembled in our Portland shop are fabricated with care and ready for action when they leave.

Hardware Insertion 

One of the most tedious tasks of metal fabrication is hardware insertion. Luckily, with our automated CNC insertion system, we are able to fit your project out with all of the necessary accessories to ensure that it is ready for use upon leaving our shop. Whether you need PEM fasteners, standoffs, studs, or other hardware, our automated CNC insertion system will get the job done.

Our Industry-Leading Equipment

Our Portland metal fabrication shop has a roster of equipment that we are constantly upgrading and tuning. We know that our manufactured products are only as good as the latest equipment and so we make it our goal to always be keeping the best equipment so that we are able to provide Portland companies with superior quality and manufacturing.

Our roster of fabrication equipment includes: 

  • 8’ x 30’ MultiCam 5000 Router Cutter
  • 5’ x 12’ MultiCam 5000 Router Cutter 
  • 6’ x 60 ton Cincinnati CNC Press Brake
  • 12’ x 230 ton Cincinnati MAXFORM CNC Press Brake
  • Haeger 824 Plus Insertion System 
  • The AMADA Apelio 357 Combination Punch / Laser 
  • 6KW Fiber Laser

Portland Industries That We Serve

Naimor Inc. in Portland is proud to provide metal fabrication services to a wide range of industries.

Here are just a few of the industries that we specialize in:

Want To Get Your Next Project Started?

We work with large and small Portland-based companies at any stage in the manufacturing process. Whether you have your idea mapped out on paper or just are toying around with a concept in your head, our team can meet you where you are at and bring your vision to life. Our skilled team of Portland metal fabrication professionals want to help your company progress. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with global industries and entrepreneurial endeavors alike. Give Naimor Inc. in Portland a call to start making your dream tangible. We’d love to create a custom quote for your project and discuss timeline and details with you.

We Can Manufacture Almost Anything

By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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"Thank you for the excellent customer service I received. The response was quick and the part was in good shape. Greg, Sha, and Carolyn were all a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing business in the future."

Otto, Owner of Aluminum Boats Company