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Have a metal fabrication project that you need professional help with?

Naimor Inc. has you covered! We have a highly skilled team that is ready to help you bring your concepts and prototypes to life with our metal fabrication services.

We serve companies in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas with a variety of services, so if you have a metal fabrication need, we can help.

Areas of Service:

Our Metal Fabrication Shop in Aberdeen

At our metal fabrication shop in Aberdeen, we have the equipment and skills needed to fulfill all of your metal fabrication needs. Our team takes pride in being the only metal fabrication company that Aberdeen companies need. We take care of all of your metal fabrication needs at our shop and make sure that we can deliver quality services on time.

We Provide Services For All Your Metal Fabrication Needs

Whatever your metal fabrication needs, Naimor Inc. in Aberdeen has quality solutions for you. Rather than having to find a company with high integrity for your individual needs, why not work with a reliable metal fabrication service that can meet all your needs in one go? Some of the services that we offer include:

Fabrication Assembly

Fabrication assembly is a lot of work and often takes tedious amounts of time. With our industry-leading services and equipment, we can get your products assembled in an ideal timeframe.

Hardware Insertion Services

Naimor Inc. has automated CNC insertion equipment that makes the hardware, stud, and fastener insertion a breeze. We know the importance of having products that are securely fitted with their necessary accessories and want to help you get your products out finished and out there.

Professional Welding Services

With our team of certified welders, metal welding services are more straightforward and offer better results than ever. We only employ welding experts with the highest integrity and promise to deliver fully-formed metal fabricated products that exceed your high standards.

Laser Cutting Services in Aberdeen

We impress Aberdeen companies with our precision laser cutters. The Cincinnati lasers that we use are accurate and produce only the cleanest cuts. Aberdeen companies that we work with are always impressed by the distinct cuts and precise lines that our laser cutting equipment can accomplish.

Our CNC Machining

Our CNC machining equipment allows us to produce highly customizable, complex products in bulk. There’s no need to sacrifice quality or time for bulk orders, with our team, we can provide excellent quality products in bulk in your ideal timeline.

Precision Forming Services in Aberdeen

Accurate, precise bends are essential with many products, and here at Naimor Inc., we know how to execute these. Whether you require simple or complex bends involving more than ten unique curves, our team can get your project done.

We know that parts are often complex and that having a product with a repeatable bend is essential if you hope to continue creating your products.

Router Cutting Services

At our shop near Aberdeen, we have CNC routers that can cut a large variety of materials. Our CNC routers can cut anything from aluminum, acrylic, plastic, copper, and even brass. We have our router cutting machines set up in a way that minimizes lost time and enables us to fulfill bulk orders for Aberdeen companies.

Turret Punching in Aberdeen

Our turret punching machines allow for various shapes of all sizes to be punched into sheet metal. We have efficient turret punching machines that help us form metal products that perfectly reflect what our clients are looking for.

Aberdeen Industries That We Specialize In

We have a versatile team of metal fabrication experts who can serve Aberdeen companies in various industries. Some of the sectors that our team is qualified to help include:

Didn’t see your industry on our list? Give our Aberdeen shop a call to ask us if we provide metal fabrication services for your industry.

Get A Profesional Quote For Your Aberdeen Project

Need a quote for your metal fabrication project? Give our industry-leading company a call!

Whatever stage you are at in your project, our team of metal fabrication experts would be happy to meet you where you are and give you a detailed quote. We’ve helped Aberdeen companies bring their designs to life and want to help you do the same. Whether you are a large company or an entrepreneurial endeavor, we want to be the metal fabrication company that you call with your ideas and projects.

Call or contact Naimor Inc. in Aberdeen today to start working, bringing your metal fabrication project to life. 

We Can Manufacture Almost Anything

By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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