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Metal Manufacturing for Food Production

It’s no surprise that the food production industry has created its own trend in metal manufacturing. Along with the medical industry, food manufacturing has the highest hygiene requirements, so stainless steel is one of the most popular materials. It’s used in almost all steps of food production, from harvesting to packaging and storage.

Innovation and constant technological breakthroughs are changing food production requirements. The food production industry requires fast, cost-effective laser cut parts & fabrication in order to be able to compete.


We Will Deliver

At Naimor, Inc. we provide metal manufacturing services for a wide range of appliances for the food production industry. We also provide other alternatives to stainless steel – like carbon steel – that have similar hygienic properties. Our team of seasoned engineers analyze your manufacturing process from beginning to end, and make sure all issues are addressed in order to deliver high-quality, safe products at an affordable price.

Our main goal is to produce high-quality metal parts and components for the food production industry at a competitive price. We employ both conventional machining and modern techniques, such as laser cutting, to reduce costs while still guaranteeing durable, sturdy products. Our quality control team is tasked with the responsibility of inspecting all processes in your manufacturing process, so they can identify issues and make suggestions to improve efficiency.