Metal Manufacturing for Security

The security industry has helped mold modern metal manufacturing into what it is today. Specific requirements that are unique to the security industry have set high-quality standards for parts and components which other industries now use as a measuring stick. We serve all aspects of the security industry, from laser cut prototyping to manufacturing, and help create security products for residential, commercial, industrial, and even government and military-grade markets.


How Naimor, Inc. Can Help Security Product Manufacturers

One of the biggest concerns for security manufacturers is providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Thus, we focus on manufacturing durable parts and components using industry-leading technology, which reduces production costs and turnaround time. Naimor, Inc. offers solutions for security product manufacturers who are looking to increase profitability for a range of applications. These include:

  • Custom security enclosures
  • Safe deposit boxes and vaults
  • Surveillance systems
  • ATM security solutions
  • All aspects of access control
  • Night depositories and specialized enclosures
  • Undercounter and additional cabinetry
  • Drive-up systems
  • Automatic gates
  • Alarm systems
  • Biometric authentication mechanisms

Regardless of the type of metal or material you select for your product, maintaining a high level of quality is critical. We can produce components and parts from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, or any other material in order to accommodate your production needs. Our team of professional engineers will make sure we meet all of your specifications to the tee, and that your production process is streamlined to reduce costs wherever possible.