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Naimor Inc. is a leading provider of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining solutions. When it comes to custom-created parts for specific applications, we offer the best CNC machining in Seattle. The accuracy and quality of our work is unmatched.

We provide businesses like yours with instant quotes, an extensive selection of engineering-grade materials, and integration with vetted and certified manufacturing partners worldwide. Our team incorporates the latest CNC machining technology to support high-complexity prototyping or component production with high-quality surface finishes.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process involving many different types of machinery, including mills, routers, grinders, and lathes. Pre-programmed computer software determines the actions of these tools to supersede the limits of manual control. CNC machining also allows for 3D cutting tasks in a single prompt set.

How Do Seattle CNC Machining Services Work?

To manufacture a part using CNC machining, we load your computer-aided design (CAD) model into our computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. The CAM software uses the geometry and specifications of the part we want to manufacture to create programmed instructions and tool paths.

After creating the tool paths, the software also creates machine codes that tell it where to position the workpiece in a five-axis coordinate system. This machine code directs the movement and turning speeds to meet your CAD model specifications.

Our Seattle CNC Machine Types

At Naimor Inc, we have a range of CNC machines to ensure your project comes out flawlessly, including mills, routers, lathes, and wire electrical discharge machines (EDMs). All our equipment is state of the art and offers superior precision and efficiency.


CNC routers offer a cost-effective alternative to the average Seattle milling machine for cutting soft sheet materials such as aluminum. If you need custom milling wood in Seattle, check with our team for a CNC router part instead.


A lathe is a relatively simple piece of CNC machinery. With a CNC lathe, the workpiece turns on a spindle while the operator removes excess material with a fixed cutting tool. It is easy to set up a lathe for repeatability, and this type of machinery is ideal for manufacturing cylindrical workpieces such as bolts and rods.


A wire EDM uses electricity and conductive materials to erode excess material and shape a workpiece. Unlike other CNC machinery, a wire EDM can only cut materials that conduct electricity, such as metal.

What is CNC Milling?

Custom milling in Seattle forms an integral part of our CNC machining solutions. CNC mills share similarities with routers and lathes, but these machines have a higher degree of versatility. A CNC mill can cut a wide range of workpiece materials, including plastic, aluminum, titanium, and hard metals.

A mill differs from a lathe in that the workpiece doesn’t turn on a spindle. Instead, the CNC mill moves both the workpiece and tool head in a three-, four-, or five-axis coordinate system.

Machine code, or G-code, that we create through our CAM software controls the movements of the CNC mill. The more axes the mill’s coordinate system has, the more complex the G-code can be, and the more intricate the designs can be.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Precision and Accuracy

CNC machining offers unparalleled precision with tolerances that range from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″.

Around the Clock Manufacturing

CNC machinery can produce parts 24/7. That results in a rapid turnaround, saving valuable time.

Efficient Scalability

After uploading the design parameters to the CAM software and CNC machine, it can produce a single prototype or thousands of units.                                                                                                                                                                 

Uniform Output

With conventional means of production, there may be slight variations between outputs. With CNC machining, however, every part will match the prototype’s exact specifications.

Enhanced Design and Manufacturing Capability

Seattle CNC machining allows for the production of parts of any shape, size, and surface texture. With a five-axis coordinate system, there is no limit to how detailed a design can be.


CNC machining is a high-efficiency manufacturing process that requires minimal human input. As a result, it is a cost-effective prototyping or part production alternative.

Design Retention

A prominent advantage of CNC machining is that it allows for design retention. After uploading a design to the CAM software, it is quick and easy to retrieve it to make changes or continue production.

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CNC machining is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing method for prototyping and component production. Highly sophisticated software controls the movements of workpieces, which allows for added complexity and reduces the need for human input as well as the occurrence of errors.

If you are interested in custom-manufactured parts or equipment, at Naimor Inc, we can provide you with high-end CNC machining and milling in Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an instant quote.

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