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Architectural Metal Fabrication Services

At Naimor, Inc. we offer a full line of metal fabrication products and services to serve the construction industry. We can fabricate a wide variety of metal products that feature innovative coatings to meet customer specifications.

Precision forming serivice

Our wide range of fabrication & laser cutting services can be used in numerous areas of architecture, like roofing and siding, windows, railings, fencing, ceiling grids, furniture, and other custom fixtures. Architectural metal fabrication allows you to incorporate beautiful and functional elements that will stand the test of time and maintain functionality in the long run.

These metal parts and elements add the finishing touches to your project, potentially bringing your entire project together under one single theme. Here are some of the most common metal parts we manufacture for architectural purposes on a regular basis.


Roofing and Siding

We can produce a number of high-quality, functional roofing and siding products made of aluminum, steel, and other metals. These are designed to customer specifications and can be treated to add features like sound dampening and enhanced visual appeal.

At the same time, choosing the right siding material will allow you to keep its aesthetic while protecting the internal parts of your building. Choosing to manufacture custom parts can improve the functionality of your roofing and siding, resulting in a better fit for your structure.

The most important thing about architectural fabrication is durability and practicality, as roofs and sidings are usually exposed to high temperature and inclement weather. This is why it’s extremely important to find a reliable company that helps you produce the parts you need to complete your project.

Our experienced engineers can help you evaluate the different material choices and advise you throughout your architectural venture.

Doors and Windows

At Naimor, Inc. we produce high-quality door and window parts and components made of aluminum and steel. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, so you should always take your house’s design into consideration before adding any elements.

At the same time, windows and doors can also be used in strategic points throughout your house to enhance decor, add natural light, and have an overall positive impact on your home’s visual appeal.

Our custom parts can include specialized coatings that are used for a wide range of applications. These, which may feature corrosion protection and other special finished, allow our clients to deliver quality products.

Railings and Fences

Custom railings, enclosures, and fencing can dramatically change the curbside appearance of a project. Whether the need is for safety or it’s purely aesthetic, we have designed and fabricated railings for a range of installations. At Naimor, we can take an architectural drawing and produce prefabricated railing or fencing sections that are painted, finished, and ready for installation.

Our laser tables and punch give a wide range of patterns, cutouts, and images available for panels between stanchions. We can cut a simple pattern or the negative of photograph, depending on the level of detail desired. Ask us about custom fencing and panels.

Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grids are becoming more and more popular because they are relatively affordable and add a nice aesthetic element to your living spaces. However, you have to make sure they are made from durable materials so they maintain their appearance and functionality for years to come.

We manufacture custom ceiling grids that will meet your specifications and exceed all of your expectations. These ceiling grids can be produced out of a variety of coated metals, eliminating the need for additional paint jobs.

At the same time, our architectural fabrication capabilities allow us to produce ceiling grids from multiple materials. Moreover, this versatile ceiling type can be used throughout your entire home or only in selected areas, allowing you to choose different looks for different areas in your house.


The ever-changing furniture market has always required durable products with low manufacturing costs and high visual appeal. Modern architectural metal fabrication techniques have allowed us to implement intricate elements in our designs. From simple aesthetic components to parts that maintain their structural integrity, implementing metal elements in your furniture can make the world of difference.

Naimor, Inc. provides metal furniture manufacturing that features exquisite finishes and sturdy builds that appeal to consumers. Our seasoned engineers and metal manufacturers can help you find the best design that will maintain your furniture’s visual appeal and durability for years to come.


The Architectural Metal Fabrication Process

We work along a time-tested process that ensures our clients receive the quality parts they need to transform their architectural dreams into reality.

Our process looks like this:


The process starts with our specialists gaining a thorough understanding of the project with your staff. The purpose of these consultations is to ensure that we have an accurate picture of your design objectives and aesthetic goals, and to make sure our company is ready to deliver the superior parts you need to complete your architectural vision.

The consultation is also where we will review your budget and timeline so that we can have an idea of what you expect to be spending and when you need the project completed.


After the consultation, we will begin work on a bid for your project as well as any drawings needed. Drawing on years of experience, our bidding specialists will ensure that the materials, structure, and labor all fit within your budget.

If certain design features fall outside of your budget, we will give our professional recommendation on how to customize your project so that it meets your financial limit.

A way that you can cut back costs from the very beginning is to design your project using standard sheet metal sizes. This is because standard sizes are usually priced lower than special cuts. To save you money during the estimating phase, make sure to separate sheet metal parts from other materials on your blueprints. This will greatly reduce the time spent creating your estimate as our specialists will not have to spend time searching the blueprints for the details they need.

Shop Drawings

The next step is to transform your architectural vision into shop or CAD drawings. These will be put into a universal file format (e.g. DXF and DWG flat patterns or step files) and given to you, the engineers, and the architects. It is critical that we get the CAD drawings correct, as these will include exact measurements, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. Once the drawings have been distributed, it’s on to the next phase in your project’s journey – fabrication.


The majority of fabrication projects include these four phases:

  • Cutting – The sheet metal used in fabrication is kept in large rolls. The first step in any fabrication project is to unroll, measure, and cut the sheet metal for your project.
  • Forming – During this phase, we will use our tools to bend and form the metal sheets to fit your design.
  • Joining – Here is where we bring the pieces of shaped metal together and weld them into their final forms.
  • Finishing – Once the desired shape has been achieved, we will apply finishing treatments to the metal to enhance its properties (e.g. resistance and conductivity).

It’s the careful planning of these phases which determines lead time, which is why we place so much emphasis on the estimating and drawing steps of your project.

Our metal fabrication professionals are experienced with working on a huge variety of projects. We’ve done everything from coffee tables to residential staircases, as well as small and large orders of HVAC systems, metal brackets, and roofing grids. 


At Naimor, we work with reputable and proven local, regional, and national carriers in order to ensure you receive the best rates and transit times.


Find a Reliable Architectural Metal Fabrication Company

The success of your project will depend heavily on your manufacturing partners. Before choosing a metal fabrication company to work with, remember to always check their portfolio and look at their track record. The largest, most reliable companies often have extensive track records, dedicated facilities, and an excellent local reputation.

At Naimor, Inc. we specialize in delivering tailored metal fabrication services for the architectural space and for other industries in order to deliver durable products time and time again.

Get in touch with us by giving us a call, swing by one of our two facilities in Washington, or filling out our online contact form.


“It worked out great!! Thanks again for helping us out by getting it made so quickly. You really saved our bacon by turning a big problem into more of a minor inconvenience. We were quite impressed at the turnaround speed, and your shop/factory setup is awesome! I wanted to stay and watch the laser cutting that was in progress. I’ve never seen that in real life.”

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“The order we got from you for the aluminum parts was beautiful and really impressed my shop. Thanks!”