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If you need quality metal fabrication in Bremerton, look no further than Naimor Inc. We are an industry-leading fabrication company that specializes in mass production and prototype manufacturing. Whether you are a small or large company, we have the expertise and technology needed to help you accomplish your metal fabrication goals.

Naimor Inc.’s reputation is founded on the ability of our experts, as well as our dedication to maintaining the highest standard of technology and certification for Bremerton. From cutting to welding, design to shipping, we have the capabilities to accomplish every stage in the metal fabrication process.

Areas of Service:

Custom Metal Fabrication in Bremerton

From product prototyping for tiny Bremerton startups to mass-producing metal parts for large corporations, Naimor Inc. has worked with every kind of company on the market. Our years of experience mean that we can fabricate any project — no matter how creative — and that we are able to optimize our processes to fit the special demands of your product.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are able to complete large Bremerton metal fabrication orders within one to two weeks, and prototypes within three to five days.

Besides our talented professionals, equipment, and facilities, the final thing that establishes us as an American fabrication institution is our dedication to exceptional customer service. When you partner with Naimer Inc., you’ve found a fabricator that will consistently exceed your expectations and see you not as a client, but as a partner.


Bremerton Metal Fabrication Services

No matter what kind of sheet metal fabrication you need in Bremerton, Naimor Inc. will complete your project on time. Our commitment to unwavering product quality ensures that you will be able to count on our parts to do the task you need, with the added bonus of exceptional longevity.

We offer a wide array of Bremerton metal fabrication services, including:


Laser Cutting

Does your design call for a steady, highly-precise cut? Here at Naimor Inc., our Cincinnati CNC lasers are able to cut out intricate patterns quickly. Even better, parts cut with laser require minimal finishing — saving you costs and increasing turnaround time!

CNC Machining & Router Cutting

Our robust CNC routers are able to cut through brass, copper, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and more! CNC machining is precise, quick, and easy to set up. This makes our Bremerton CNC machining services ideal for bulk orders and prototyping.
Deburr and Graining

The abrasive belts and brushes of our deburr and graining machines ensure that your finished part doesn’t just work great; it also looks great! You can choose from a variety of deburring and graining effects (straight-line grain finish, for example), which will give your product a professional and finished look.


Turret Punching

Naimor Inc’s advanced turret punching machines use several different kinds of punch and die tools to cut shapes into sheet metal. This is a fast and affordable method of cutting holes and other shapes into sheet metal — lowering project costs and helping us get your parts delivered on time.


Hardware Insertion

Does your part require the insertion of hardware like PEM fasteners, standoffs, or studs? Even though this area of the project may seem like an afterthought, it’s crucial that you work with a Bremerton metal fabrication company that can get your hardware attached efficiently and without damaging the rest of your part. Here at Naimor Inc., our top-of-the-line hardware insertion machines do just that.

Metal Forming

Metal forming is one of the most versatile fabrication services we offer. Forming allows you to twist, contort, and bend sheet metal into almost any kind of design, making this service a crucial element in the fabrication of complex parts. Whether your part needs a simple 90-degree bend or over a dozen angles of varying degrees, we have the technology and talent to get the job done.


Engineering & Design

One of the many advantages of partnering with Naimor Inc. is that we have an in-house design team that is ready to help you engineer your project. So if you’re having trouble creating a design for the idea you have in your head, bring your thoughts into the shop, and our engineers will turn your concept into a specification that’s ready for fabrication.

Shipping Services

Shipping your project to its destination can quickly get expensive. Luckily, by working with Naimor Inc., you gain access to our network of trusted shipping partners. This enables you to receive your Bremerton fabrication project at a budget-friendly cost.


Find a Reliable Metal Fabrication Company for Your Next Project

By partnering with a reliable sheet metal fabricator that can guarantee quality results, a fast turnaround, and competitive prices, you ensure that your parts will come back to you perfect.

At Naimor Inc., we specialize in providing a range of metal fabrication services in Bremerton and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more, and our team will be glad to help!

We Can Manufacture Almost Anything

By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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