Throughout Snohomish and the surrounding areas, numerous industrial equipment manufacturers, mining industry leaders, and tech companies are looking for high-quality and cost-efficient metal fabrication services. If you’re searching for “metal fabrication near me,” you’ve come to the right place.

At Naimor, we know how hard it is to find a custom metal fabrication service that can deliver on its promises, so we leverage the power of machine learning and other tried-and-tested emerging technologies to breathe life into our clients’ designs. If you’re looking for skilled and professional metal fabrication in Snohomish, we’re the ones to call.


Custom Metal Fabrication with Unparalleled Precision

We use the latest advancements in metal fabrication tools to create products with unparalleled precision and faithfulness to our customers’ design plans. Our clients have stellar reputations to protect, and they demand a high level of experience and expertise. Our many five-star reviews speak to our professionalism and results with sheet metal fabrication.

We Use Highly Efficient Cincinnati Lasers

If you’re creating a product that requires millimeter-level accuracy, you can only use either heat or mechanical force to craft parts out of sheet metal. At Naimor, we use equipment with the latest technological upgrades to provide our most detail-oriented clients with metal products that satisfy their standards.

Our Cincinnati laser systems are highly efficient, using linear motor drives, automatic nozzles, and filtered-air-assisted cutting techniques. They allow us to create metal pieces that will meet your specifications precisely while keeping costs down. For clients with large-scale orders, we can slash prices even further by using turret punchers.

We Use Turret Punchers to Give Large-Scale Customers an Edge

At Naimor, our technicians and fabricators work with many aviation companies that need custom metal fabrication in Snohomish to create parts that pass through exacting quality checks and in-house tests before field use. Before the advent of turret punchers, metal sheet fabrication for these products used to cost an arm and a leg. Today, we can offer economical price points to give large-scale customers and small businesses an edge by cutting down on their manufacturing costs.

Our automatic turret punchers can create an infinite number of shapes, designs, and patterns by carving them out of sheet metal. Our customers can request a custom punching tool if they intend to make numerous copies of a compound shape, but we recommend using our high-precision laser cutters for more complex designs.

A One-Stop-Shop for Your Metalworking Needs

If you want a metal product with studs, standoffs, fasteners, and other accessories, our computer-assisted CNC insertion system can help you with those flourishes. Our class-leading assembly equipment and personnel help us ensure that each metal component we manufacture is ready for action before leaving our production floor.

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Naimor is the number one source for metal fabrication in Snohomish, Seattle, and the surrounding areas. Call our customer service team today at 425-629-0361 for any metal sheet fabrication inquiries and requests. We offer free consultations and no-obligation quotes.

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Whether you need a one-off part or are looking for a long-term manufacturing partner that can scale supply to meet your business's growing needs, we are the tube laser shop for you. 

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