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Laser cutting is an advanced technology that is used to cut materials such as aluminum, steel, ceramics or foam in a precise manner. By directing a high-powered laser, materials can be cut expertly with rapid speed. But how exactly do lasers cut through these materials and provide excellent results for your company?

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Laser Cutting for Seattle Projects

The laser beam itself is a high-intensity light of a single wavelength. Lasers are on the infra-red spectrum and are invisible to the naked eye. The beam itself is single columned and very small, generally around ¾ of an inch in diameter. This beam is then directed in different directions with a series of mirrors before passing through a nozzle along with a compressed gas such as oxygen or nitrogen.

Our engineers will upload a CAD file to the cutting machine to create the perfect cut of whatever specific material you need cut to exact measurements. When focused on something such as a metal plate, the cuts a laser can make can be very intricate in scope and size, and with surprisingly little heat. With laser cutting, we get amazingly small details, holes, and other designs.

Because laser cutting use rapid heating, the melting or complete vaporizing of the materials results in an excellent kerf width (the width of material that is removed by a cutting process) and a superior edge quality. We can also produce components for your business using turret punches, press brakes, and dynamic nesting. No matter how big or small the part you need for your Seattle-based business, our laser cutting services enable us to deliver on time and in a cost-effective manner.

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Our Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • 5' by 10' sheets
  • up to 1" mild steel
  • up to ½" stainless steel
  • up to ½" aluminum

Naimor Metal Fabrication uses 4,000 and 5,000 watt Cincinnati CNC Lasers, which exceed the recommended metal cutting requirements. The speed, accuracy, and durability of these two machines allow us better part accuracy and superior results for our customers, with the ability to cut both large and small parts. No matter how small or how large the scale of your project in Seattle is, our laser cutting can do it for you!

Our laser cutting provides top-quality prototype, short-run and long-run metal fabricating, as well as fabricated components and assemblies for virtually every industry in Seattle. Our cost-effective alternative to expensive tooling charges, and our steady communication with our customers in Seattle, makes us stand out in our industry.

Let our knowledge in the latest, most economical metal manufacturing solutions meet the needs of your Seattle project.


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By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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