Custom Marine Fabrication On Schedule

The marine industry can be divided into several submarkets, but they all focus on the same features: durability and quality. At Naimor, Inc. we have the in-house capacity and skills to fabricate high-quality aluminum boat parts and other marine parts that will set you apart from the competition. We provide superior router cutting and marine fabrication for aluminum boats and other watercraft.

aluminum boat cuttingBuilding Better Aluminum Boats

We understand that custom-built aluminum boat building is a time-sensitive field, with orders coming from client’s who want their boat yesterday. Because of this, we use a process that gives you the cutting capabilities and aluminum boat parts you need to finish your project on time and without frustrating setbacks. Learn more here.


Featured Project: Alaskan Fishing Hardware

Take a look at a recently completed marine fabrication project we accomplished for an Alaskan fishing hardware supplier. The parts required both our router cutters and laser tables, which we used to cut precision parts and etching for our client. See how we did it and what’s possible with precision laser and router cutting for marine parts.


marine metal manufacturing

What We Do

Our professional engineers have decades of combined experience, and provide innovative designs and solutions for our customers. We offer a full line of marine fabrication services that range from laser cutting to welding. These capabilities create parts that can serve a variety of purposes within ships and marine vessels of commercial, industrial, and military grade.

With custom marine metal fabrication, you can ensure that you get the best quality pieces without the burden of having to track down the raw materials yourself. Naimor, Inc. can help marine manufacturers by fabricating many parts and components, including:

  • Aluminum boat parts
  • Marine lighting and electric (panels, boxes, housings, etc.)
  • Dashboards, instrument panels, screen housings
  • Marine seats, furniture, and other fixtures
  • Marine storage, storage boxes, and cabinets
  • Boat frames
  • Countertops, stove flashing
  • Showers
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Motor mounts/brackets
  • Cabin superstructures
  • Radar towers/arches

At Naimor, Inc. we provide marine fabrication solutions customizable to your specific requirements. Our vast network of suppliers, knowledgeable engineers, and modern facilities allow us to produce high-quality parts and components on-time without sacrificing quality.

Washington State Marine Fabrication

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the busiest ports in the country. Due to some of the area’s characteristics, it’s no surprise that aluminum boat fabrication is also extremely common in this region.

With an imposing rainy season, rocky shores, cold waters, and big tides, having a durable boat built with reliable parts is crucial in Washington State and the entire PNW.

Aluminum Boat Construction

Aluminum boats have an array of benefits when compared to other types of marine craft. For starters, these vessels are extremely durable – very important given the Pacific Northwest’s rocky boating conditions.

At the same time, aluminum boats require little maintenance, are rust-resistant, and can be used indefinitely as long as you keep them in good shape. And, because aluminum is extremely versatile, you can design and customize your boat right down to the tee.

Marine vessels made of aluminum are a great option, but you should always choose a reliable custom marine fabrication specialist you can trust.

At Naimor, we specialize in custom marine fabrication for commercial and non-commercial vessels. We fabricate tailored boat components using state-of-the-art techniques so you can complete your boat by your required deadline without putting quality on the line.

Why are Aluminum Boats Ideal for the PNW?

Whether it’s for commercial or recreational purposes, having a reliable boat can help you navigate the Puget Sound and other popular destinations. However, like any seasoned boater in Washington will tell you, sailing in the PNW is a unique experience.

The Pacific Northwest is home to the Puget Sound, which is the second biggest estuary in the U.S. Besides featuring some of the most beautiful landscapes on the West Coast, boating enthusiasts can enjoy a number of activities while cruising. These trips can range from short voyages to long-haul excursions – for instance, navigating The Inside Passage to Alaska.

However, the West Coast is not as well-equipped as other areas when it comes to boating infrastructure. Due to the long distances between fuel fill up points and limited towing services, boats need to be more self-sufficient, durable, and well-equipped.

Besides being sturdy, aluminum boats are also lightweight. They can be easily transported in most boat trailers, making them ideal for commercial and recreational vehicles alike. These marine vessels are affordable to repair, and because they maintain their functionality, they also hold their value for a long time.

Types of Aluminum Boats We Produce Parts For

Our team of marine fabrication specialists has vast experience creating a wide variety of parts for all kinds of aluminum boats. These include:

  • Fishing boats
  • Bass boats
  • Cabin cruisers
  • High-performance boats
  • Sports fishing boats
  • Trawlers
  • Walkaround
  • And much more!

These vessels are used for a variety of purposes, but they all require durable, high-quality parts to perform. Our custom marine fabrication services provide superior parts on schedule that enable you to manufacture a quality aluminum boat every time.