Naimor Inc.’s Port Angeles Tube Laser Cutting Services

We are the go-to company if you need reliable and affordable tube laser cutting in Port Angeles. Tube laser cutting is the most efficient and cost-effective technique for cutting various profiles, including square, round, and oval tubes.

At Naimor Inc., we use cutting-edge laser technology to provide our customers in Port Angeles with top-quality tube laser cutting services. Our LT8.20 3D laser tube cutting machine uses CO2 technology to produce exceptionally accurate and complex laser cut geometry on rectangular, square, angle iron, and oval tubular materials.

As a full-service fabrication shop, we can help move your product through each stage of the fabrication process—tube laser cutting, welding, integrating necessary hardware, and finishing the product.

Besides Port Angeles, we also offer tube laser cutting services for Seattle, Redmond, Maltby, and Bellevue businesses.

Tube Laser Cutting Services in Port Angeles

Naimor Inc. is a premier provider of tube laser cutting services in Port Angeles. We use versatile, state-of-the-art technology to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • 3-axis head, allowing for miter cutting
  • Cutting through steel up to 0.5-inch thick
  • Cutting stainless steel walls up to 0.25-inch thick
  • Cutting round tubes up to 9 inches in diameter
  • Cutting round tubes of at least 0.75 inches in diameter
  • Cutting square tubes up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Cutting any complex geometrical shape fitting within a 9-inch diameter
  • Infeed length of 27 feet and 10 inches automatic loading
  • Outfeed length of 17 feet and 7 inches automatic loading
  • Our tube laser cutting machine handles a material weight of up to 25 pounds per foot.

Industries We Serve

Many industries turn to tube laser cutting technology to create the parts, components, or replacement pieces needed for their daily operations. Naimor Inc. provides tube laser cutting in Port Angeles for a wide range of industries, including:

Call us today if you need more information about our tube laser cutting services for your industry.

Our 3D Laser Cutting Machines

With our state-of-the-art LT8.20 laser tube cutting system, we can help you create uniquely shaped tubes (not just square, rectangular, and round). This machine features a 3D tilt cutting head to perform exceptionally precise angular cuts.

With a ±45° tilting axis, our 3D laser tube cutting machine can handle complex patterns and reach tight locations otherwise challenging to access. The CO2 laser-powered system can cut mild steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, galvanized steel, and various aluminum alloys.

The versatility of our 3D laser cutting systems makes us one of Port Angeles’ leading tube laser cutting providers. 

The Advantages of Our Port Angeles Tube Laser Cutting Services

Naimor Inc. tube laser cutting services offer you the following benefits:

Top-quality Cut and Precision

At Naimor Inc., we have no room for human error, thanks to our advanced tube laser cutters delivering superior quality and customized precision cuts.

Speed and Cost-Effectiveness

3D tube laser cutting services at Naimor Inc. speedily and efficiently meet your standards, timeframe, and budget. Our automated machines and skilled technicians allow us to minimize material wastage that would otherwise occur due to human error.

Tube laser cutters eliminate exorbitant manual labor wages while lowering production costs. The automation process also ensures quicker job completion than companies without tube laser cutters.

Reduced Secondary Operations in Cutting Tubes

Traditional tube cutting techniques usually leave metal shavings and cut-edge flaws. Costly additional cleaning and shaping processes would be needed to eliminate these issues and ensure your tube is perfect for the intended purpose.

Conversely, a laser tube cutter creates virtually flawless edges and leaves no slag on the tube being cut. This machine eliminates the need for cleaning, shaping, and other secondary processes.

Conventional laser cutters can also create perfect cuts; however, their design cannot accommodate a tube. Therefore, you’ll need to cut a flat metal piece, then put it through a roller or press brake. Our CNC laser tube cutting machines allow us to cut tube-shaped objects directly.

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Our dedicated professionals take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality tube laser cutting in Seattle. This pride extends to our customer interactions, ensuring that you receive well-crafted products and superior customer service during our working relationship. 

Whether you need a one-off part or are looking for a long-term manufacturing partner that can scale supply to meet your business's growing needs, we are the tube laser shop for you. 

To learn more about how Naimor Inc.’s tube laser services can help you achieve your project goals or request a quote for your project, contact us today. 

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