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NaiMor  is here to serve local businesses and provide for all their tube laser cutting needs. Our LT8.20 tube laser cutting machine is versatile and able to cover the widest range of use. This machine is an excellent choice for your needs because it balances speed and quality, giving you the best of both. It enables us to produce complex or standard shapes via laser tube cutting. 

In addition to laser tube cutting services, NaiMor can assist you with the rest of your project. After the initial cutting, we have services for welding and extra hardware installation as well as any finishing details.

Laser Tube Cutting Abilities

Our laser tube cutting machines have a wide range in capabilities able to provide you with exactly what you need such as:

  • Wide variety of cuts, including miter and bevel cutting 
  • A weight of 27 pounds per foot is accepted by our laser cutting machines
  • A huge range of diameters for round tube cuts, from 0.75" all the way up to 9"
  • Within the 9" diameter, able to cut any geometric shape you may need
  • Square tubes with a diameter as large as 8" in diameter can be easily cut
  • An infeed length of 27’ 10" with automatic loading
  • An outfeed length of 17’ 7" with automatic loading
Materials Max Thickness
Mild Steel 0.5"
Stainless Steel 0.313"
Aluminum 0.313"
Copper 0.25"
Brass 0.25"


This list is not exhaustive and, should you have any specific questions regarding the capabilities of our laser tube cutting machines please download our manufacturing capabilities book. Or call us today!


Benefits of Tube Laser Cutting Machines in Bellevue

Everyone knows patronizing local business is in the best interest of the community. Choosing NaiMor also comes with many more advantages.

  1. Cheaper. Since we can cut to your specifications automatically, it allows you to get what you need in one order. It also eliminates the need for post-processing manually.
  2. Faster. Similarly, having tube lasers capable of handling your unique needs means your order is finished in only a couple of steps.
  3. Specific. Our tube laser cutting machines enable you to request particular design features, shapes, and engravings. 
  4. Efficient. The laser cutting service is completely machine-operated, meaning there is little danger of human mistakes resulting in wasted material and energy.
  5. Flexible. Compared to older technology, our LT8.20 tube cutting machine is flexible in output.
  6. Precise. Manual and traditional methods are incomparable to the precise results given by using laser cutting machines.
  7. Safe. With automatic infeed and outfeed capabilities, tubes can be loaded without interruption or hesitation.
  8. Simplify. Make one order rather than coordinating with multiple suppliers.
  9. Quality. The highest quality, no matter how large, unique, or complex your needs are.

The team not only have the experience and insight built by years of business, but also are passionate about the intersection where the industry and community meet. From the beginning of your project to the very end, we will be there to support, answer questions, and provide the best quality experience and products every time.

Local Industries Served

Laser tube cutting machines have revolutionized many different industries due to their multiple benefits. We here at NaiMor. have connections with many companies from the following industries:

  • Medical equipment construction
  • Computer equipment construction
  • Energy production equipment production
  • Security 
  • Entertainment
  • Architecture
  • Consumer goods
  • Home and garden products
  • Farming equipment, especially for dairy farming
  • Food processing equipment
  • Aerospace materials
  • Marine equipment 

As shown by the long list above, laser tube cutting is highly customizable for your industry needs. It continues to grow in popularity due to this as well as its speed and precision capabilities.

Are you a member of one of these industries and looking for excellent laser tube cutting services? Contact us today!

More About Our Tube Laser Cutting Machines and Services

Our location in Bellevue is home to the most up-to-date tube laser cutting machines in the area. The LT8.20 has a tilting axis head, giving it the huge flexibility needed to achieve the wide variety of laser cutting services.

Combined with our standard tube laser cutting services, our team can help you create special cut patterns. The Naimor Inc. tube laser cutting machines are able to be programmed to reflect your creativity. The tilting axis head and automatic orientation capabilities mean making your ideas come to life quickly and efficiently.

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Our dedicated professionals take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality tube laser cutting in Seattle. This pride extends to our customer interactions, ensuring that you receive well-crafted products and superior customer service during our working relationship. 

Whether you need a one-off part or are looking for a long-term manufacturing partner that can scale supply to meet your business's growing needs, we are the tube laser shop for you. 

To learn more about how Naimor Inc.’s tube laser services can help you achieve your project goals or request a quote for your project, contact us today. 

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