Machine and CNC shops across the Bellingham area have a daily requirement for consistently and precisely cut metal tubes. Laser cutting machines can provide businesses with the precision they need. Laser tube cutting, a specialized form of laser cutting, is best used when cutting tubes or other cylindrical materials.

What exactly is laser tube cutting, and what benefits does it offer you and your business?



All You Need to Know About Laser Tube Cutting

Laser tube cutting is a CNC (computer numerical control) process used to cut tubes or channels. The laser tube cutting process uses a laser to cut parts of the material to the desired length or even cut out holes or designs in the tubing.

Laser tube cutting is extremely precise and can be used on multiple materials such as metal or PVC piping and works great for all sizes and shapes of tubes.

Two-Axis and Three-Axis Machines

Laser tube cutting machines are available in many types that can handle a variety of needs. A two-axis machine cuts the tubing along two axes, making it great for cutting specific lengths of tubing.

A three-axis machine is a bit more complicated and can cut materials in three dimensions. These machines are used for tilt cutting or chamfering.

Why Should I Use Laser Tube Cutting?

Most of the time, if pieces of tubing will need to be welded together further down the line in production, a laser tube cutter provides you with the cleanest cut. For tubes that need to be bent before they are welded, laser tube cutting allows for pieces to be manually bent, giving a slight perforation in the material.

Benefits of Laser Tube Cutting

  • Materials

Laser tube cutting is an excellent choice due to its ability to handle an extensive range of materials. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even titanium are no match for a laser tube cutting machine.

  • Efficiency

The laser tube cutting machine’s precision and flexibility make it incredibly efficient. Tubes cut by laser tube cutting machines do not require any other processing after the first cut. No sanding or shaping is needed.

When using a physical blade to cut, metal shavings and imperfections are often left behind. This requires additional work to process and prepare the tube for later assembly.

Cutting to specific lengths and creating intricate designs are completed with just one machine. No additional pieces or parts are required.

  • Flexibility

A laser tube cutting machine can handle any job thrown at it, whether you are working with a tube of 24 feet in length or a quarter-inch of steel. Even titanium is easily sliced to your specifications. Angled cuts, edges, etchings, and slots are efficiently achieved.

The thickness, size, and shape of the tube pose no problems for a laser tube cutting machine.

  • Precision

Laser tube cutting saves your company time and capital because no other machine is necessary when you’re using a laser tube cutting machine. The parts are ready to use or assemble as soon as they come off the cutter.

  • Cost

The benefits of laser tube cutting are plenty, but the efficiency and accuracy of laser tube cutters mean that the most complex jobs become automated. The amount of manual labor and time spent on one cutting go down dramatically.

Production lines are less expensive when a laser tube cutter is introduced into the line.

  • Stronger materials after the cut

No mechanical force is needed to create a laser cut. This allows your materials to remain as strong as they were when they entered your shop. Usually, a CNC punch breaks through materials using physical force, which applies stress to your materials and weakens them. Not so with a laser cutting machine.

Tube Laser Cutting Services Near Me

If you are in need of laser tube cutting services in Bellingham, look no further than Naimor, Inc. We provide Bellingham, WA, and the surrounding areas with laser tube cutting services and other metal fabrication. We strive to offer you consistent quality and design, as well as top-of-the-line customer service.

We stand behind our work and want to provide you with the precise cuts you need for your next project. If you have any questions about laser tube cutting and whether or not it is the right choice for you and your business, contact us today here—our customer service associates are standing by to provide you with the attention and dedication you and your company deserve.


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