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Next to concrete, steel is a foundation of today’s construction industry. Because structural steel is one of the most common materials in construction, industrial steel fabrication is a vital part of any contractor’s or architect’s toolkit.

When you work with Naimor, Inc., you’re drawing on more than a decade of experience in fabrication and construction, particularly steel and sheet metal work. Our Northwest-based company is contracted to work with entrepreneurs and industries worldwide. We pride ourselves on delivering metal parts and elements to help build your designs from blueprints to finished lots. Call us today at 425-748-8632 to discuss your construction fabrication project, or click on our “Get a Quote” button to reach one of our skilled metalworkers.


What is Construction Fabrication?

Metal fabrication in the construction industry is on a different scale from crafting decorative fixtures and screens, although we have fabricated projects as practical as residential staircase railings and as intricate as architectural and aesthetic components.

Although steel I-beams might be the first item that comes to mind when you think of fabrication in construction, the strength, malleability, and durability of structural steel make it ideal for various applications.

Custom steel fabrication can improve the functionality of siding and roofing products, adding visual appeal and other desirable features, such as dampening sound. We also fabricate window and door components, custom fencing, and ceiling grids.

We use sheet metal from large rolls for our construction fabrication projects, measuring and cutting precisely to your specifications. We use our top-of-the-line equipment to shape these pieces however you need and weld them into their final forms. To enhance the properties of the steel or other material you’ve chosen for your construction fabrication, we also apply finishing treatments.

Steel has long been an affordable construction material, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that identified its cost at roughly half that of concrete since the 1980s. With the majority of structural steel these days made with recycled material, steel continues to grow as a popular component of construction fabrication.


Construction Fabrication Services that Naimor, Inc. provides

Whether you need metal brackets, HVAC systems, siding, roofing, or other custom fixtures, trust Naimor, Inc. to deliver construction fabrication components sure to withstand the elements and the test of time. Our professional engineers are skilled in fabrication for construction projects, and we know how to assemble the materials and utilize specialized techniques to meet your timeline and budget.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and rates, as well as the best transit and delivery times. We also have outstanding quality control so that no time is lost from the initial design to the final product. We complete multi-level inspections at every step of the construction fabrication process and perform a final inspection before shipping so that your metal components meet your precise specifications.

To learn more about what our construction fabrication designers and engineers can do for your next project, call us today at 425-748-8632, or click on our “Get a Quote” button to send us a detailed message.