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Turret Punching Seattle Projects

Certain types of sheet metal forming techniques are suitable for specific purposes. Turret punching is one of the most efficient metal forming methods out there, making it a great fit for parts that need to be mass produced. However, this doesn’t mean that these flexible machines can’t be used for prototyping or small batch production.

At Naimor, we offer turret punching services in both our Redmond and Bellingham locations, which serve Seattle and the Pacific Northwest area of Washington State. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with quality tools and machines that allow us to provide quality metal forming solutions, including turret punching services.

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Benefits of Turret Punching for Your Seattle Project

There are many reasons why turret punching services are considered to be more efficient than other types of metal forming. For starters, it’s an extremely fast and precise process, so turret punching can be used to produce large volumes of intricate parts quickly.

At Naimor, Inc., we provide durable parts that help our Seattle clients create quality products, so we use the best materials and adhere to strict industry standards. The turret punching services we offer are not only versatile but also provide high-quality parts that will withstand the test of time.

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How Our Turret Punching Capabilities Work for You

Turret punching machines use a collection of different die and punch tools. This means you can cut different shapes and sizes into a single piece of sheet metal without changing machines or adding extra steps to the manufacturing process.

Our AMADA Apelio 357 Combination Punch / Laser fuses the best of both worlds as it allows fast turret punching capacities combined with precise laser technology. This results in a more streamlined manufacturing process that can be used to efficiently produce parts using 4'x10' blanks.

Possible Shapes and Designs

Turret punch can be used to create countless shapes and designs that serve a wide array of different purposes. Once these versatile machines are used to create almost any 2-dimensional shape, these parts can be assembled to create finalized custom products such as:

  • Sheet metal boxes and enclosures
  • Motorcycle and automotive parts
  • Toys and accessories
  • Metal brackets
  • Robot and vessel parts
  • Wrenches, pliers, and other tools
  • Front panels
  • Grills


Industries Served and Materials Used

Because you can cut and punch an array of different types of metals, this process can be used for a huge variety of products and industries. These metals include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, monel, brass, steel, and much more.


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If you are looking for a reliable turret punching service provider for your Seattle project, contact Naimor Inc. today. We offer comprehensive turret punching and metal forming services to the Pacific Northwest of Washington, including Seattle and all surrounding areas.

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By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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