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CNC machining and milling enables you to achieve a level of precision and production quality that is unmatched in the fabrication industry. 

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business owner or you are simply a creative individual in need of some CNC machining services, Naimor Inc. can help you.

Here at Naimor Inc., our team offers CNC machining services in Longview. We aim to provide you with all of the CNC machining and milling services that you will need in order to complete your project satisfactorily and with quality techniques. 

Continue reading to learn more about our CNC machining Longview services or get in touch with our team to request a custom estimate for your project.


What Is CNC Machining/Milling Used For?

What is CNC machining/milling and what is it used for? CNC machining and milling are methods of fabrication that are used to create parts for products in a wide variety of categories and industries. 

CNC machining and milling manufacturing involve a wide range of specialized equipment that can produce highly intricate designs. The product designs are preprogrammed into CAM software that controls the CNC machines and mills and prompts them to follow a specific pattern. 

The following two sections explain some of the differences between CNC machining and CNC milling in order to help you understand which manufacturing method will best suit you. 

Longview CNC machining

Here at Naimor Inc. our Longview CNC machining inventory includes state-of-the-art equipment such as grinders, lathes, routers, and mills in order to ensure that the desired product is easily achieved. 

If you are interested in learning more about Naimor Inc.’s CNC machines or CNC machining capabilities, get in touch with our shop today. 

Custom Milling Wood Longview

CNC machining and milling vary slightly in their capabilities and precision of work. If you are in need of very precise, cutting-edge work, milling is likely the better option for you. 

Naimor Inc.’s Longview milling machines operate on an axis coordinate system which enables them to create unmatched work in terms of detail and precision. 

Benefits of Longview Milling & CNC Machining

Why are CNC machining and milling superior forms of manufacturing? The reason that CNC machining and milling are superior to many other forms of fabrication include the following six benefits. 

  1. Accuracy. With CNC machining and milling, you can achieve unparalleled precision with tolerances that range from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″.
  2. Constant manufacturing. Another advantage of CNC machining is that CNC machines and mills can operate around the clock — ensuring that your project has a satisfactory turnaround time. 
  3. Efficient scalability. Whether you need a single prototype or you are looking for a manufacturing option that allows you to scale, CNC machining is the ideal solution. 
  4. Uniform output. Most manufacturing techniques result in slight variations among output. CNC machining, with its precise nature, is able to produce parts with almost complete uniformity. 
  5. Budget-conscious fabrication. CNC machining and milling are self-sufficient forms of manufacturing, requiring very little human oversight and thus resulting in a more budget-friendly fabrication solution. 
  6. Design improvement. Your designs will be stored in CAM software so that if you need to make any design changes, you can do so easily and conveniently. 

Our milling machine Longview

Here at Naimor Inc., we have a roster of state-of-the-art CNC machinery and milling machines in our Longview shop. 

We prioritize having premium equipment that is in pristine condition at all times so that we can efficiently complete each project that comes our way. 

Some of our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

  • Routers. These produce a cost-effective fabrication solution for cutting soft sheet materials like aluminum.  
  • Lathes. This type of CNC machinery operates on a spindle with a fixed cutting tool and is used to produce cylindrical pieces. 
  • EDMs. This type of CNC machinery is used to cut electrically conductive materials (such as metal). 

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If you are ready to take your manufacturing to the next level and invest in premium CNC manufacturing for your Longview company, get in touch with Naimor Inc. today. 

Here at Naimor Inc., we pride ourselves in quality manufacturing, efficiency, and customer-focused communication. Our team strives to make every step of the manufacturing process as simple and streamlined as possible. 

To learn more about our custom CNC machining/milling Longview services, get in touch with Naimor Inc. today.

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CNC machining is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing method for prototyping and component production. Highly sophisticated software controls the movements of workpieces, which allows for added complexity and reduces the need for human input as well as the occurrence of errors.

If you are interested in custom-manufactured parts or equipment, at Naimor Inc, we can provide you with high-end CNC machining and milling in Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an instant quote.

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