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Naimor, Inc. is one of the top providers of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining. We provide our clients with custom parts for specific projects. Our mission is to provide the most professional CNC machining and milling in Lewiston.

We pride ourselves in offering instant quotes, engineering-grade materials, and partnerships with our certified manufacturing partners.



What Is CNC Machining and Milling in Lewiston?

CNC machining uses a specialized computer software to determine the actions of mills, routers, grinders, and lathes in the manufacturing of unique parts. CNC machining goes beyond the abilities of manual control.

Our CNC machines span the gamut of project types to ensure that your parts come out of production flawlessly. These include lathes, mills, routers, and wire electrical discharge machines. We offer only the latest technology to give you the best in efficiency and precision.

  • Routers

Our routers are the most affordable and efficient way to cut softer sheet materials like aluminum.

  • Lathes

The lathe is one of the simplest parts of our machines. It is designed to leverage the physics of a spindle mechanism that allows an operator to cut away excess material a little bit at a time until the desired shape is achieved. Think of it as a type of carving.

A key advantage of lathes is their ability to set them up for repeated tasks. This makes them best suited for cylindrical parts (bolts, rods, etc.).

  • Electrical discharge machines (EDMs)

Wire EDMs run on electricity to remove excess materials in the shaping process. Unlike other machines in the CNC category, wire EDMs are limited to materials that conduct electricity.

How Do Lewiston CNC and Milling Machining Services Work?

When you send us your computer-aided design (CAD) model, we upload that information to our computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. This software uses the specifications of the part to create a pre-programmed set of instructions to manufacture it.

What Is CNC Milling in Lewiston?

Custom milling in Lewiston is included in our wide range of CNC machining solutions. CNC mills are quite similar to lathes and routers, though CNC milling is more versatile. CNC mills can handle many different materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, and hard metals, including titanium and steel.

When creating your part, a mill uses a three-, four-, or five-axis coordinate system to move the workpiece and tool head.

Our machine code, otherwise known as the G-code, is developed using CAM software, which dictates how the CNC mill will move. The more coordinates the system employs, the more complex the code can be, creating more intricate designs flawlessly.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining and Milling in Lewiston?

  • Efficient scalability

Once we’ve uploaded the parameters of your design to our CAM software, the CNC machine can produce one part or units in the thousands, as the case might be.

  • Precision and accuracy

CNC Machining in Lewiston offers the best precision with tolerances that range from +/-0.001 to 0.005.

  • Cost-efficiency

CNC machining and milling in Lewiston are highly efficient manufacturing processes. They require little human input and are cost-effective ways of prototyping or creating production parts.

  • Uniform output

When using conventional means of producing parts, there are undoubtedly variations between each part. With CNC machining, every part will match the prototype’s exact specifications.

  • Design retention

One of the most prominent advantages of using CNC machining and milling in Lewiston is their ability to retain your designs for future production. Once you have uploaded your CAD design model to our CAM software, you can easily go back and make any changes or edits needed.

  • Manufacturing around the clock

CNC machining and milling produce parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With no need for much human input, the machine stays running efficiently, getting your pieces to you as quickly as possible.

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CNC machining and milling are precise and efficient methods of prototyping and producing components needed for your projects. Highly sophisticated computer software controls the movements of every workpiece, allowing for levels of complexity unachievable by standard means of production. It also lowers incidences of human error, adding to overall efficacy and cost-efficiency.

Are you in need of custom manufactured components or equipment? If so, then Naimor, Inc. should be your first call. We can be reached here to provide our neighbors in Lewiston and the surrounding areas with CNC machining and milling. Contact us today to get help designing a custom part or request your instant quote.


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CNC machining is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing method for prototyping and component production. Highly sophisticated software controls the movements of workpieces, which allows for added complexity and reduces the need for human input as well as the occurrence of errors.

If you are interested in custom-manufactured parts or equipment, at Naimor Inc, we can provide you with high-end CNC machining and milling in Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an instant quote.

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