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Naimor Inc. provides outstanding CNC machining services in Redmond, producing custom-made parts for a myriad of specific applications. Our professional engineers take pride in their ability to produce exceptional results with CNC machining.

Choosing Naimor Inc. for your CNC machining needs means being provided with a custom quote based on the requirements which you provide. We use a wide range of engineering-grade materials to deliver excellent results. We also integrate with certified manufacturing partners worldwide.

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What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a metal manufacturing process that uses computer software (CAD/CAM) and a variety of machines to produce a final custom part. These machines include mills, routers, grinders, and lathes.

The process begins with computer software being programmed to perform tasks that are able to produce more consistent results than the human hand could.

How do CNC Machining Services in Redmond work?

Manufacturing a custom metal part through the process of CNC machining involves these steps:

  • A unique model, designed using computer-aided design software (CAD) is loaded into computer-aided manufacturing software (CAM).
  • CAM analyses the geometry and design specifications of the model, then proceed to produce instructions and tool plans.
  • The CAM software also produces machine codes that tell the machines where to position the piece.
  • These machine codes are used to direct machine movement and speed in order to meet your CAD model specifications exactly and with precision every time.

Our CNC Machine Types

Naimor Inc. operates a selection of state-of-the-art machines in order to build custom parts for its clients. This selection of machinery includes routers, lathes, and EDMs.

  • CNC routers provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional milling machines when it comes to cutting any soft sheet materials.
  • With a CNC lathe, the piece rotates on a spindle as the operator removes excess materials with a fixed cutting tool. A lathe is the ideal tool for manufacturing cylindrical workpieces like bolts and rods.
  • A wire EDM uses electricity and conductive materials to erode excess material and shape a workpiece. Because it uses electricity, only conductive materials can be used.

What is CNC milling?

While similar in a variety of ways to routers and lathes, CNC mills offer a far larger degree of versatility when it comes to their functions. As such, custom milling in Redmond is a vital part of our CNC machining services.

A CNC mill is capable of cutting a wide selection of workpiece materials. These include plastics, aluminum, titanium, and several different hard metals.

When using a lathe, the workpiece only rotates on a spindle. A mill, however, moves the workpiece and the tool head in a five-axis coordinate system, allowing for far more freedom and precision.

The machine codes — created using CAM software — control the movements of the CNC mill. The more axes the mills’ coordinate systems have, the more complex the machine codes will be, allowing for a more intricate design and final product.

What are the advantages of CNC machining?

CNC machining provides a variety of benefits when it comes to producing custom parts. These benefits include:

  • Precision and accuracy. CNC machining offers unparalleled precision with tolerances that range from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″.
  • 24/7 manufacturing capabilities. Parts can be produced constantly, regardless of the time of day or length of time needed. This is an invaluable facet of CNC machining that allows for the saving of both time and money.
  • Efficient scalability. After adding the design parameters to our CAM software, a CNC machine can produce anything from a single prototype to thousands of units.
  • Uniform output. With more traditional means of design and production, it is common to see minor variations between finished workpieces. With CNC machining, on the other hand, every final piece will match the prototype’s exact specifications every time.
  • Enhanced design and manufacturing capability. Redmond CNC machining offers the freedom of production of parts that can adhere to any shape, size, and surface texture. With the use of a five-axis coordinate system, there is no limit to how detailed a design can be.
  • Cost-efficiency. CNC machining is an incredibly efficient manufacturing process that requires a nominal amount of human input. This, paired with the 24-hour manufacturing capabilities of CNC machining, means that it is an outstanding, cost-effective method of prototyping and part production.
  • Design retention. After uploading a design to our CAM software, the design is quick and easy to retrieve, if need be. This means that making changes is a quick and simple thing to do.


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CNC machining is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing method for prototyping and component production. Highly sophisticated software controls the movements of workpieces, which allows for added complexity and reduces the need for human input as well as the occurrence of errors.

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