Naimor Inc.’s Bellingham CNC Machining Services

At Naimor Inc., we are a leader in CNC machining in Bellingham and the surrounding areas. You deserve custom parts for your small or large-scale projects, and we can handle something simple for a specific project or reproduce parts needed for your loyal customers.

Working with us allows you a quick quote, engineering-ready materials, and helpful manufacturing partnerships. We use custom milling in Bellingham, machining, and a vast range of tools to create prototypes, finishes, and mass-produced parts for large-scale manufacturing.


What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining in Bellingham uses different tools to cut raw materials, improve accuracy, and offer greater versatility than handmade designs. We use this technology for 3D designs and quickly cut the whole part, creating unique codes for each piece.

How Does Bellingham CNC Machining Work?

When you reach out to us for CNC machining, we use several pieces of technology to give you great results. Our CAD program, also known as computer-aided design, creates a working model of your part. Because you have a full design, you can see exactly how the part should look.

We go next to the CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing software, to mathematically design the part, save your specifications, and feed that programming into the machine. CNC machines create codes using these designs, and the machine repeats those codes for each new part.

Types of CNC Machining Tools

Both Bellingham milling and machining use tools to cut your chosen materials. Each tool suits a different project, and we select these tools based on your needs and our industry expertise. State-of-the-art equipment is all we use to give you great results.


Routers are unique devices that cut into custom milling wood in Bellingham, softer metals like aluminum, and other light materials.


A lathe is a standard device in American culture, used to spin the material and cut slowly with a single shaping tool. We use advanced lathing technology to spin the material extremely fast, cut to your exact specifications, and repeat the process with each new part. Everything from a long rod to a cone, cylinder, or sphere is easier to create with a lathe.


EDM wire uses electricity to erode material from your stock. Shaping conductive metals is often easier with this process, but it only works on metal.

What About CNC Milling?

When offering milling in Bellingham, we provide you with a broader range of options. These machines operate differently, accept more materials, and employ the same technology as CNC machines.

Milling allows both the part and the tool to move at the same time. By doing this, you can use a three, four, or five-axis cutting area to create 3D designs. Because milling is more versatile than machining, we create G-code with our CAM software. The coding is much more complex than what we typically use, which means you can order complicated designs other companies cannot produce.

What Do You Gain by Using CNC Machining?

The Utmost Precision

We offer tolerances from 0.001” to 0.005”, giving you precision not found anywhere else. With tolerances in this range, you know you can trust each part we deliver.

24-Hour Manufacturing

The machine can function at all hours with very little supervision. When you need to meet a deadline, we can work quickly.

Scalable Projects

We use our software to scale each project without delays or added costs. You get a prototype, hundreds of parts, or thousands of parts in a short time.

Uniformity of Parts

Each part looks exactly the same. Only a milling machine in Bellingham or a CNC device gives you this level of uniformity. If you start and stop production, the parts do not change.

Greater Manufacturing Capacity

We can work on any project, any material, and any timeline. We know that you have grand visions for your business, and we use advanced technology to bring those visions to life.


You save money on each project because our technology and machines reduce overhead. Our low estimates help you remain on budget and schedule.

Retain Your Designs

We keep your design on-file so that we can restart production at any time. We also provide you with a copy of each file for your records.


Contact Us Today

When you need assistance with CNC technology or access to a Bellingham milling machine, contact us at Naimor Inc. We help our customers create the perfect custom parts and offer unique machining options and quick estimates. Call us at 425-629-0361 or use our online contact form to request more information.

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CNC machining is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing method for prototyping and component production. Highly sophisticated software controls the movements of workpieces, which allows for added complexity and reduces the need for human input as well as the occurrence of errors.

If you are interested in custom-manufactured parts or equipment, at Naimor Inc, we can provide you with high-end CNC machining and milling in Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an instant quote.

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