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Whether you are seeking custom aluminum fixtures, computer parts, medical equipment, architectural features, solar panels, or consumer accents for the home and garden, aluminum is highly versatile. At roughly one-third the weight of stainless steel, aluminum is a lightweight, durable alternative that’s nontoxic and resists corrosion—and it’s recyclable, too.

If you want superior aluminum fabrication that fits within your schedule and your budget, Naimor, Inc. has the capabilities and the experience to bring your designs to life. We have served large and small businesses since 2004, becoming one of the leading aluminum metal fabrication companies in the Northwest. Call us today at 425-748-8632 to discuss your aluminum fabrication project, or click on our “Get a Quote” button to reach one of our skilled aluminum fabrication technicians.


What is Aluminum Fabrication?

Aluminum fabrication creates parts by cutting, bending, welding, forming, or otherwise shaping aluminum. Many industries, including aerospace, security, entertainment, energy, food production, farming, marine, and computer technology, use custom aluminum fabrication to get the parts for their goods and equipment. You might be surprised to learn that the same basic metal in your kitchen’s aluminum foil can power consumer electronics such as laptops and refrigerators, make automobile components lighter and more fuel-efficient, and add sustainable and stabilizing decorative touches to office buildings and shopping centers.

Aluminum fabrication is a bit like sculpting. Sometimes we heat the aluminum to make it more malleable; other times, we use a cold process to forge a product in the preferred shape. If we need to weld aluminum components together, we take great care to operate with precise specifications and techniques. Because it is more pliable than steel, aluminum can be trickier to weld.

Naimor, Inc. is one of the most reputable aluminum fabricators in the Northwest. We have one of the largest laser cutting, router cutting, and precision CNC forming shop in Washington State. We also hire professional aluminum fabricators, taking concepts from sketches to prototypes to high-volume runs.

Features and Advantages of Aluminum Fabrication

As we have noted on our blog, aluminum is the most used metal worldwide that does not contain iron. In 2017 alone, the United States used six million metric tons!

This strong yet lightweight material—about one-third the weight of copper—helped pioneer modern flight; nowadays, its green properties give it significant appeal. Recycling aluminum requires just a fraction of the energy needed to extract it, with some estimates noting that about 75% of all aluminum ever made is still in circulation today.

Because of its lighter weight, aluminum is much easier to fabricate than stainless steel. Aluminum resists corrosion, making it ideal for fuselages, wings, and other aerospace parts. Yet it also has high thermal resistance, flexibility, and shine. No wonder it has created a trend in food production, the marine and fishing industries, medical equipment, and even consumer goods. From jewelry to bakeware and deck railings to lawn furniture, aluminum fabrication combined with precision craftsmanship enhances any design. Naimor, Inc. is proud to help engineers, architects, designers, and other creative people convert their ideas, sketches, and blueprints into something tangible.

Customized Aluminum Fabrication

At Naimor, Inc., we understand that sometimes you need to see and touch a prototype to assess your design fully and imagines it in the marketplace. Our aluminum fabrication capabilities cover a wide range, from tiny gears to parts used to assemble ferryboats. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking design or an established company within a large industry, our aluminum fabrication equipment is exact and maneuverable, consistently producing top-notch parts on schedule.

Naimor, Inc. is a contract manufacturer, meaning we are contracted to work with entrepreneurs, retailers, and industries worldwide. There is no need to hire a separate crew, utilize various facilities, or seek out equipment for your custom aluminum fabrication and manufacturing. Our facilities do it all and for an array of industries and products. We have crafted the smallest components of alarm and surveillance systems as well as surgical instruments, doors and windows, roofing and siding, and parts for weight-lifting equipment, engine-powered treadmills, battery carts, and commercial and military aircraft.

When you trust Naimor, Inc. for your custom aluminum fabrication, your products truly take flight.


Aluminum Fabrication Services that Naimor, Inc. Provides

There is no shortage of aluminum fabrication services that Naimor, Inc. can handle. We pride ourselves on expediting quality prototypes in 3 to 5 days and full production quantities within two weeks. We are committed to investing in state-of-the-art technology and equipment within our 35,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, as well as providing outstanding customer service.

We have an 8’ x 30’ MultiCam 5000 router cutter, which can repeat cuts to 1/1000th of an inch. Our 5’ x 12’ MultiCam 5000 router cutter is equally powerful yet versatile, handling heavy-duty as well as intricate jobs. Our metalworking shop also has an Amanda fiber laser cutter that is efficient as well as meticulous. It works four times faster than traditional CO2 machines, even on intricate and delicate materials such as aluminum.

However, aluminum fabrication involves more than just cutting parts. Our 6’ x 60 ton Cincinnati CNC Press Brake clamps parts between a matching punch and die, forming identical, quality bends repeatedly and quickly. We also have a Haeger 824 Plus insertion system and an Amada Apelio 357 combination punch and laser, which efficiently insert fasteners and reduce downstream labor.

None of this equipment would be worthwhile without highly skilled aluminum fabricators and efficient project management. We perform multi-level inspections on all parts during production to ensure quality control, as well as a final inspection before shipping so that we can guarantee your product meets your rigorous specifications.

Since 2004, companies in the United States and around the world have counted on Naimor, Inc. for their aluminum fabrication needs. If you’d like to learn more about what our design and manufacturing engineers can do to support and expand your business through custom aluminum fabrication, call us today at 425-748-8632, or click on our “Get a Quote” button to send us a detailed message. Let us help you turn your design dreams into reality.



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By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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