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Metal forming is one of the most important parts of the product manufacturing that we do for our clients in Seattle. We provide metal fabrication and forming services that cater to industries of all kinds. From small projects, beta testing, and limited runs to large stamping projects, we pride ourselves on delivering quality services with consistency every time you order from us.


Expert Fabrication Services

We use modern methods and tools that give us the ability to produce custom metal components quickly for your Seattle project. Our capabilities give us the power to reduce the amount of materials and time it takes to produce the parts and orders you need, saving you money on your project.

Our streamlined process can provide any level of customization that you need in your products. Our precision metal cutting technology, seasoned team of metal fabrication experts and refined metal forming methods allow us to produce quality productions with incredible detail in record time.

You won’t have to worry about your order being right the first time with us – we specialize in delivering quality parts on time. Before we ship your parts to Seattle, we perform a multi-level inspection on every part to make sure they are complete and to your specifications. All of your parts will go through an extensive final inspection before shipping so you don't have to worry about finishing your Seattle project on time.



We are an industry-leading sheet metal fabricator, with the equipment and expertise to fabricate a massive array of products including Aluminum Fabrication. From design consultation and fabrication, to assembly and shipment, we are able to carry out every step in the fabrication process. When it comes to capabilities, we are able to fabricate anything from micro-sized products to large stamping projects. Our processes can also be customized to meet the needs of more creative and demanding projects.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment provide a speed advantage to our customers — our Dynamic Power Control systems and Cincinnati Lasers providing superior accuracy and project turnaround time.


Laser Cutting

Our Cincinnati Lasers employ rugged construction with fabricated plate steel frames that are often twice as heavy as other types of lasers. The laser cutting accuracy of our CNC lasers exceeds most metal cutting requirements and ensures unmatched product quality. Our lasers are also extremely customizable, which means that we can create a seemingly endless amount of aluminium and steel products.

The efficiency of laser cutting gives you the chance to run through design trials of your product quickly during the prototype stage, and the refined accuracy of our lasers saves you money by negating the need for hard tooling.

At Naimor Inc., we get it right the first time. Every time. And our commitment to equipping our facility with the latest laser technology and training one of the reasons we are a top-tier metal fabricator in the Northwest.


CNC Router Cutting

Naimor’s CNC routers cut parts from a diverse range of materials such as acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic and wood with remarkable precision and clean edges. Every project starts with a digital file that provides instructions to our CNC machine. This file is the blueprint, telling the router how to cut, what to engrave, and where to score.

We maximize productivity through fast programming, fast setup and fast cycle speeds. Improved part consistency is achieved with the touchscreen computer control that simplifies file management and provides detailed setup information with each saved program. Operators are guided through each step of the bend sequence with 3D part views — cutting down on manual labor time and increasing turn around speed.

Our CNC routers are robust, flexible, and extremely precise, which empowers us to cleanly cut detailed, industrial-grade parts out of nearly any material. We are always improving our CNC software to ensure that we remain the best CNC router cutter in the region.


Precision Forming

The AMADA RG 80 Press Brake with NC control and the quick change tooling we use provides repeatable and fast precision forming. From simple 90 degree bends to complex patterns with over a dozen bends, we have the equipment and experience to bend and form parts to the necessary tolerances of most industries, from aerospace to food production.

We can form a wide variety of components, including angles, cylinders, channels, ob-rounds, bump-formed sections, cones, and segments. Our press brakes can form thicknesses and we can handle a variety of materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, copper, brass, and bronze.

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to produce a massive variety of component shapes at a more economical price and with a faster turnaround time than our competitors, making Naimor Inc. your one-stop-shop for one-piece construction and forming.


Deburring And Graining

Just because a product is done being cut, formed, and welded, doesn’t mean it’s ready for shipment. Depending on the fabrication method and the intended use of the product, deburring, graining, and other kinds of finishing may be required to complete the fabrication process.

To increase turnaround time, our metal working machines provide solutions for many applications — deburring, graining, finishing, edge-radiusing, oxide removal, grinding and dimensioning. These processes will help remove sharp edges, oil buildup, and other kinds of hazards and contaminants. Beyond improving functionality, our finishing services will also help improve the visual aesthetics of your product, ensuring a clean, polished shine.

If you are unsure of the finishing that needs to be done to your product, our experienced team members can guide you to the ideal solution for your materials and that best suits the needs of your project. By having Naimor Inc. finish your product within our facilities, you save yourself money on shipping fees and the additional labor of transporting your product to a third party finishing service.


Hardware Insertion

It’s common for fabricated products to need attachments added — standoffs, PEM fasteners, and studs for example. If your product needs this or similar hardware attached, we use specialized CNC programmable machinery to automate the process, speeding up turnaround time and saving costs on manual labor.

The machinery we use is the Haeger 824 Plus Insertion System, and this enables us to quickly and accurately insert hardware — we get it right the first time, every time. An advantage of our system is that it includes a Positive Stop Cylinder, allowing us to automate hardware insertion for soft materials (like fiberglass, plastic, and PC boards). With the Positive Stop Cylinder, we can also insert studs and fasteners to lightweight and delicate materials without deforming or crushing the part.

Ranging from high tonnage and wide throat depth hardware needs, to pressures as low as 50 lbs, our hardware insertion services help our customers meet product deadlines and stay competitive in a wide range of industries.



A lot of the products we fabricate are strengthened and assembled using welds or welded structures. If your product needs welding, our WABO certified welders will be able to use their vast experience and expertise to determine what kind of weld is best for your application. An advantage of having your product welded in-house is that we will deliver a complete and final product on your deadline, saving you from having to ship to an independent welding service.

Besides welding our own products, Naimor also provides a variety of welding services including modifications and repairs.

When you have a product welded by Naimor Inc., you can rest easy in the confidence that you are working with a welding division with one of the lowest repair rates in the industry — that is to say, when we weld a product, it doesn’t break.


Metal Finishing

Where metal fabrication makes sure that your product is functional, metal finishing ensures that it is able to stand up to the rigorous and environmental conditions of the job site. Metal finishing adds a visible finish to the exterior of your product and improves its visual aesthetic as well as quality/longevity.

Four of the metal finishing services that we offer at Naimor Inc. are:

  • Anodizing: increases corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Metal plating: improves durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Blackening: blackens ferrous metals and provides corrosion resistance.
  • Powder coating: a colored coating that adds style and enhanced durability.


Whether you already have a design and simply need recommendations made, or need help designing your product from the ground up, Naimor Inc. is the company for you. We work with some of the best engineers in the area to make sure your product design meets the exact needs of your project.

Our fabricators have years of experience and odds are, they have probably produced a project similar to yours in the past. By working with our team members to optimize your design, you can take advantage of their experience and potentially save money and time by implementing the design modifications, material recommendations, and other tips that our fabricators may have.


Fabrication Assembly

Once our CNC routers, punches, and lasers have cut and formed your parts, it’s time for our fabrication assembly division to step in and assemble your pieces into the coherent final product.

Assembly may include hardware insertion, countersinking, and welding. Not only do we provide high-quality assembly services, but we also optimize the fabrication assembly process to allocate all resources appropriately and achieve maximum efficiency and turnaround time.


Naimor Metal Fabrication Services Saves You Time And Money

When you place an order with Naimor Inc., we'll work with you for any sized order that you have with us. Whether you need to place an order for hundreds of different units or you are simply looking to create a small run of products for a project you're testing, we can accommodate your metal fabrication needs. Our state of the art technology and proven process gives us flexibility when it comes to pricing and setup costs. If you have specific metal fabrication needs in Seattle, contact us today!

At Naimor, all metal fabrication processes can be handled in house – from raw material to finished part – allowing for scalability from prototype to production run. Find out how Naimor’s automation and fast delivery can get you custom metal parts on schedule and budget.


Naimor Can Manufacture Almost Anything

By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced.

Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed material


We Make Contract Manufacturing Easy

With the rise of online storefronts like eBay and Amazon, it is easier than ever for inventors and entrepreneurs to begin selling their designs to the world. All they need to do is find a qualified fabricator and voila! They’re in business.

This process of having your product manufactured by an outside firm is called contract manufacturing, and Naimor Inc. is proud to work with entrepreneurs around the world as an industry-leading contract manufacturer.

If you have a big dream and some designs, you don’t need to invest in a crew, facilities, or equipment. Contact us today and see how our expert team of metal fabricators can help make your dream a reality.


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we can manufacture almost anything

By using precise laser cutting technology we provide high quality parts that will increase your product’s value and performance, regardless of the number of the parts produced. Laser cutting eliminates the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process, reducing turnaround time and costs simultaneously. In addition, the process of laser cutting only heats up a small area, lowering the chances of warped or deformed materials.

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