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How does Naimor provide high quality, custom parts on time? One of the ways we do so is with our state of the art machinery. Recently, we installed just such a machine in our Bellingham facility – the Apex Finishing Machine.

Our new machine allows us to keep the process of sanding and finishing parts – even small ones – in house, saving time and money for both us and our clients. The repeatable and consistent quality that the Apex Finishing Machine allows us to provide ensures that you receive the parts you need.

To learn more about our new addition and how it serves you, watch the video below.

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Apex Finishing Machine

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"We've done multiple fabrication projects with Naimor and I know how tricky these projects can be - it always turns out beautiful!"

Fred, Product Designer

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We provide top-quality prototype, short-run and long-run metal fabricating, producing fabricated components and assemblies for virtually every industry. Our cost-effective alternative to high tooling charges and steady communication with our customers makes us stand out in our industry.

Let our knowledge in the latest, most economical metal manufacturing solutions meet your needs.

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At Naimor, Inc. we make your machine or system components without expensive tooling or significant set-up time and expense. State-of-the-art technology makes our lasers extremely versatile tools that afford flexibility and accommodate your just-in-time production needs.

Naimor, Inc. is an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional metal fabricators vendors still using outdated technologies. We serve the I-5 corridor manufacturing community and focus on Pacific Northwest markets.